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Garmin Announces New Garmin Pilot Release

Lots of updates in this release for Garmin Pilot, the company’s entry into the electronic flight bag (EFB) space. I used to be a Garmin Pilot user on Android, but since moving to iOS, I haven’t kept up quite as much. It always worked fine.

Garmin increases device limits on Garmin Pilot subscriptions.

Additionally, Dave (Twitter friend) pointed out that Garmin seems to have increased the amount of devices allowed per account from two to three, allowing for two primary devices and one backup device.

According to Garmin’s blog post, new iOS features include:

  • Easily access winds aloft data from the radial menu for easy viewing at a glance.
  • Configurable radar color tables allow pilots to customize the color intensity of the radar returns based on preference.
  • Pilots can access and utilize the scratch pad in split-screen mode.

Garmin also beefed up their Android offering, including:

  • FastFind, which incorporates predictive logic to suggest airports and waypoints using current GPS location so entering flight plan information is faster and easier.
  • European Visual Reporting Points (VRPs), which can be overlaid on the moving map and be incorporated into a flight plan for easy navigation throughout Europe.

Are any readers out there Garmin Pilot users? If so, what do you like best? These seem like good updates.

Read all about the updates on Garmin’s blog post.