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ForeFlight 9 Released

Yesterday, ForeFlight released version 9 of their popular EFB app. Lots of new stuff is packed into this release, but here are my favorites:

  1. Integrated Checklists – My airplane is simple, but I always use a checklist. ForeFlight 9 introduces a checklist feature that allows users to build out custom checklists for their aircraft. Watch this blog for a more in-depth review/how-to on this feature, or check out ForeFlight’s intro.
  2. Glide Advisor – I’m not sure anyone expected a feature like this, but it’s very nice. The Glide Advisor depicts your glide options in the event of an engine failure. It’s based on GPS data, terrain information and even winds aloft, with the right equipment.

Additional feature enhancements include logbook tweaks, Microsoft Office document support and an advanced feature allowing users to create customer overlays on maps.

For full release details, check out ForeFlight’s official release page.