Check Out This Small, Affordable ADS-B Receiver

If you haven’t checked out my post on building your own Stratux ADS-B receiver, you should do that. But if you’re like many people, the DIY route isn’t really the best option for whatever reason (time, comfort level, etc.). Here’s a new ADS-B option that’s worth a look.

It’s the pingBuddy 2 ADS-B receiver, and it should start shipping this month (March 2017). It’s the size of a USB stick and works much like any other simple receiver, giving pilots weather and traffic information.

In their own words:

Simply power pingBuddy 2, join the wireless network, launch your EFB software and enjoy subscription-free traffic and weather.

The receiver looks like it will work with most any electronic flight bag app, including the usual suspects such as ForeFlight, FlyQ and WingX. There’s actually a long list of supported apps, so I suspect whatever you’ve chosen will be just fine.

My Apple fascination aside, technology that works across a wide variety of apps is a good thing for the industry. And, it looks like this will be affordable, too.

DIY ADS-B: Building the Stratux

Stratux ADS-B Receiver

I always seem to be in the market for a good DIY project. I’ve been eyeballing the Stratux ADS-B receiver for some time, but finally pulled the trigger this past December.

After you’re done collecting the basic parts and putting everything together, you’ll have an ADS-B receiver capable of overlaying traffic and weather in your favorite electronic flight bag app. And you really can’t beat the price: $130.

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