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EAA Releases Launches New Podcast

EAA has launched a new podcast for aviators titled “The Green Dot.” The title is a reference to the dots used at KOSH during the annual AirVenture event every July/August.

From the launch announcement:

The Green Dot features EAA news, general aviation topics, history, personal experiences from the hosts and a variety of guests, and anything fun, interesting, or cool in and around the world of flight.

With the explosion of podcast popularity in general, it can be hard to find content that’s well-produced and easy to listen to.

According to EAA’s description, this seems like it’ll be a good balance of stories and information. I’m hoping for more storytelling from an aviation podcast, so maybe this will deliver.

I’ll be listening to the entire podcast later today, but a quick sampling showed the quality is spot-on with this one.