The Importance of Vintage Aircraft

History is fascinating by itself, but make it aviation history and you have my full attention. It seems that most of society agrees, as it is often the case where a vintage car/plane/boat gathers all the attention at a particular event. We seem to be a people that yearns for the latest and greatest of everything, but (thankfully) generally takes time to honor a piece of history.

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Apple Watch Series 2: Ready for the Cockpit?

Since the beginning of the smartwatch craze, I’ve sat on the sidelines. I’ve always had a curious eye on what was going on in the space, but nothing really intrigued me. Add to that the fact that I’m not much for watches to begin with and, well, any wearable had a mountain to climb. I already have a phone attached to my hip.

What’s the purpose of adding another gadget to the mix, especially from a pilot’s perspective?

Turns out, that’s a great question.

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